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  • Integrity first and the boiling frog

    Prologue: As the story goes, if you were to drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it would immediately jump out, painfully aware of the hot water below.  But if you were to drop it in a temperate pot of water and gradually turn the heat up little by little, the frog might become acclimated to the

  • Letters to the Editor…

    Many notes of thanks were sent to the folks at CCSU, NEAM and our own CTANG Flying Yankees. Here are just a handful of samples that show how the collective efforts impacted our community."...a HUGE THANK YOU to both YOU and ALL YOUR PEOPLE!!!  It blew my mind to see how everyone bent over backward

  • The C-130 Docs are in

    You are going TDY and taking one of our C-130 Hercules aircraft. Bags are packed and you are waiting to get on the bus to go out to the plane. All of the sudden, a call comes across the radio; the plane you were just about to get on was found to have a leak during a final inspection and now it can't

  • Reality is perception

    "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." --Wayne DyerTake a moment and think about this. Reality is perception. Another way to interpret this is that our thoughts create our reality. This applies to all aspects of our lives. Let's look at this in the context of our

  • Be Thankful

    Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This may bring to mind a good meal, a day watching football or spending time with family. Maybe what comes to mind is negotiating holiday traffic, seeing that annoying relative or missing someone no longer with you. Either way, I propose this is a perfect time of

  • Is it worth the risk?

    Life is full of Risk. You can't leave your house without accepting a certain amount of risk in your life. We all have jobs to do and responsibilities to fulfill so we have to accept some risk in order to get the mission accomplished at our military job, at our civilian job, and at home.Managing

  • Chaplain’s Corner: “An Honorable Man”

    It wasn't his photographic memory. It wasn't his innate power to lead. It wasn't his intelligence or skill. Those were the reasons I chose to apply for the program he was leading. Those things made his opinion valuable to me.It was the fact that he chose me and valued me.And I wanted to learn

  • Why we serve, viewpoint from Haiti

    On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, we were fortunate to visit the New Life Children's Home. It is an orphanage started by an American that has Haitian orphans and children with special needs residing on the compound. When we went, we brought donations that we received in the mail from the states to give to

  • Chaplain’s Corner: Money Matters…

    My dad told me, "Money isn't everything. But it is way ahead of whatever is in second place." Someone else said, "Money can't buy happiness. But how much happiness do you think poverty can buy?"It seems that whatever income level we are at, we could always use just a little more money. Just as

  • Chaplain’s Corner: Tough Beginnings

    The girl was absolutely stunning! I was just walking down the street when she stepped through the front door. It looked like she walked off the cover of Glamour or Seventeen. Everything about her looked clean and picture-perfect. Her sisters must have spent hours on her beautiful dark braids. She