Swift Response 22 Joint Forcible Entry
103rd Airlift Wing, Bradley Air National Guard Base
Video by Master Sgt. Tamara Dabney
May 27, 2022 | 1:05
U.S. Army Europe and Africa possesses the organic ability to execute Joint Forcible Entries to support U.S. and NATO operations anywhere in European Arctic nations and beyond. These efforts will also ensure increased interoperability between U.S., Allies and partner forces. Swift Response 22 focuses on building airborne interoperability with Allies and partners, and the integration of joint service partners in a contested environment. Swift Response expands in 2022 to four regions: the Arctic High North, Baltics, Balkans, and Caucasus. This expansion demonstrates USAREUR-AF’s capabilities and its operational reach to rapidly deploy and employ U.S. and Europe based multi-national airborne forces with little to no warning from across the globe. The exercise includes approximately 9,000 participants from 17 Allied and partner nations that will take place at locations in Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and North Macedonia, from May 2-24, 2022. More

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