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  • Connecticut Guard adapts TCCC training to active shooter scenarios

    Members of Connecticut Air National Guard Fire and Emergency Services, alongside members of the 103rd Medical and Security Forces Squadrons, refreshed their skills in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). TCCC is the foundation of first-aid skills and life-saving techniques for service members.

  • Connecticut National Guard recruiters give joint tours

    Connecticut Army and Air National Guard recruiters conduct joint base tours every year. The tours give educators and potential national guard recruits the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in the Connecticut Army and Air National Guard.

  • ‘Stepping Forward’ to prevent sexual assault

    Each year the DoD releases a new theme. As stated on, the United States Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response website, “The Department of Defense observes SAAPM by focusing on creating the appropriate culture to eliminate sexual assault and requiring a personal

  • 103rd Flying Yankees Hockey

    The 103rd Airlift Wing’s “Flying Yankees” hockey team, better known as the “Greatest Show On Ice”, started the season facing-off against the 104th Fighter Wing’s Barnestormers.

  • 100 years of the Flying Yankees

    The Flying Yankees have a proud history of service to the United States and the State of Connecticut. Our story began on 1 November 1923, when the 118th Observation Squadron was federally recognized as the nation’s 11th National Guard unit. From World War II to the War Against Terror, the Flying

  • 2022 Year in review: Flying Yankees moving forward

    The 103rd showcased various strengths and strategic posturing throughout the year. Exercises Swift Response and Cyber Yankee, as well as multiple community outreach events were some of the high points of what Gwinn deemed to be an exemplary effort put forth by members of the 103rd in 2022. The year