Letters to the Editor…

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  • By 103rd Airlift Wing, Chief of Public Affairs
  • 103 AW/PA
Many notes of thanks were sent to the folks at CCSU, NEAM and our own CTANG Flying Yankees. Here are just a handful of samples that show how the collective efforts impacted our community.

"...a HUGE THANK YOU to both YOU and ALL YOUR PEOPLE!!!  It blew my mind to see how everyone bent over backward to welcome us and make our weekend so memorable! It was all we didn't get originally, and then some! OVERWHELMING and AWESOME!!! Please convey my thanks to your people..."

"...Just want to say thank you for all the effort put into the 50th Viet Nam event at the Air Guard grounds this past weekend. Though my wife enjoyed walking around and the food, unless you served in Nam, then the displays came alive. I was there Nov 69 to Nov 70, 4th inf. Central Highlands, and Cambodia for 10 days oops, we were never there!!! I met many fellow Vets, not a lot of words said, but the look in their eyes, color of their hair, noticeable limps and gimps..."

"...What I am writing about now is the even more wonderful event you orchestrated at the CT Air National Guard Base this month. I cannot overstate how important and amazing this experience was for me. I planned on going only on Saturday and ended up attending both days from opening to closing. The only thing I had on my "bucket list" was to fly again in a "Huey." Thanks to you, there is nothing left on my list. I was on the very first flight on Saturday morning. I ended up flying two more times on Sunday as well. This was a very healing experience. While at the event, I met a number of wonderful veterans who I had not known before. We were all enjoying the experience and the camaraderie. There was definitely an atmosphere of healing around us. Thanks to you, the Celebration Weekend will be one of those outstanding memories that bring some balm to the wounded soul. Thank you for all the hard work you and your staff did to make this beautiful experience happen. I know I speak for many vets who attended when I say, "I salute you." You have made our lives a little bit better because of all your generous efforts. In deep gratitude, Paul..."

"...My father has never talked much about the war and its effect on him, but he has started to open up and I believe it has a lot to do with you. The event this weekend was 50 years later than it should have been, BUT it occurred. The vets needed it and I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you did to bring it about. I'm in event planning and that was a behemoth to pull off. On a personal note though, I've never seen my father happier. Honestly, getting his life in order and coming around to realize he was suffering from PTSD brought up a number of harsh memories that he never shared. I don't know what goes on in his mind, but I do know not being welcomed home by his fellow Americans or his Mother was worse than difficult. What you did this weekend by honoring these Vets was a blessing. I can't even come up with words. He was so excited to get there this past Saturday that he was up early, dressed and ready to go before the sun rose. He doesn't do that often. He was like a kid on Christmas and that is a joy we rarely see now. When my Mother and I arrived, seeing the welcome home signs brought her and me to tears. THIS. this was what they deserved.

I wish I could have met you on Saturday to give you a hug and shake your hand. Thank you for this. Thank you for making my father smile, and thank you for caring about this generation of exceptional men and women. They deserve all you gave them and more..."