Hill Wants to be Your Go-To Guy

  • Published
  • By Capt. Bryon M. Turner
  • 103rd Airlift Wing
Senior Airman Joseph Hill, one of the Conn. Air National Guard's Outstanding Airmen of the Year, describes himself as, "...a snow boarding geek," who enjoys science fiction, travel and problem solving. 

Hill enjoys his off-duty time by conquering the slopes on his snow board and developing complex communications networks in his home. 

"I set up a digital phone network, like the one we have on base, at home," said Hill. "Granted, I couldn't really call anyone outside my house, but I did it anyway, just for fun."
Hill views his computer programming hobby as an outlet for his creativity. 

"Programming is an artistic talent, it takes creativity," said Hill. "There are many ways to solve and troubleshoot problems. The way you solve them expresses the way you think."
Hill takes that same creative approach and applies it to his work within the 103rd Communications Squadron, where he helps maintain the base information systems as a network services technician. 

Hill believes he is best known as one of the "friendly voices" on the base communications helpdesk, or one of the guys you call to get your e-mail working, but he hopes to be more than that. 

"I'm a problem solver," said Hill. "When you have a hard problem that needs solving, I want to be your go-to guy." 

When he's not keeping the Flying Yankees moving and shaking via Microsoft Outlook, Hill is actively engaged in numerous behind the scenes projects, many which directly help secure our network. 

Hill actively participates in the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute's efforts to provide standardized tests for students studying for careers in technical fields. As a subject matter expert in information technology, Hill has worked with other members of the Conn. Air National Guard to provide testing and accreditation for more than 100 area high school students. 

In addition to proctoring and grading tests, Hill took the lead and configured numerous computer systems and setup a network to facilitate the NOCTI initiative at the Bradley Air National Guard Base. Hill plans to stay active with NOCTI in the coming months. 

Hill is a frequent volunteer, participating in a range of activities including the Veteran's Day parade and last year's Bradley Career Day, which offered local high school students a rare look into possible careers within the military. 

Hill hopes to deploy in the near future. Eager to step up to the challenge should the call to duty come; Hill looks forward to earning the experience that comes with deploying.