Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and victim advocates work together as a liaison, providing both advocacy and referrals for people who have been sexually assaulted. The services are available to Title 5 and Title 32 employees, as well as traditional Guardsmen, military spouses and dependents who are 18 years of age or older.

Contact Mr. Denis R. St. Jean, 103 AW SARC at 860-895-3526



Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

The foundation of the Air Force is our core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence. We will build on that foundation by reinforcing and fostering a culture of dignity and respect; an environment that identifies perpetrators and holds them accountable; and an environment where victims feel empowered to come forward to report this crime.

Sexual assault directly impacts our mission readiness as we must have implicit trust in one another. Sexual assault also exacts an extraordinary toll on victims and their families. We go into combat together and there can be no hesitation in that trust between our brothers and sisters in arms. Those who commit sexual assault break down this trust and we have no place for that in our service.

Contact and Report: To contact a SARC and to report a sexual assault, call Mr. Denis R. St. Jean, Wing SARC at 860-895-3526, the Safe Help Line at 877-995-5247 or visit
You can also call the JFHQ at 860-883-4798.

Special Victims Counsel information: Contact the Wing SARC for Special Victims Counsel information regarding unrestricted reporting situations.

Definitions and Terms

Sexual Assault: Sexual assault is a crime. It is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by the use of force, physical threat, abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assault includes rape, non consensual sodomy (oral or anal sex), indecent assault (unwanted, inappropriate sexual contact or fondling), or attempts to commit these acts. Sexual assault can occur without regard to gender or spousal relationship, or age of victim. "Consent" shall not be deemed or construed to mean the failure of the victim to offer physical resistance. Consent is not given when a person uses force, threat of force, coercion, or when the victim is asleep, incapacitated, or unconscious.

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC): The SARC is the central point of contact for sexual assault and reports to the J9, who is ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of service member and their families. Coordinates with first response group to improve system's response to sexual assault incidents; oversees Victims Advocates (VA) to ensure appropriate training and adherence to designated guidelines for providing services that are timely and consistent with the victim's needs; provides program analysis to detect trend/patterns in sexual assaults.

Victim's Advocate (VA): VA's are essential components of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program and will often be the first to respond to a victim of sexual assault. VA's offer a wide range of services, including; supporting the victim, facilitating the medical/forensic examinations, offering crisis intervention and documenting the assault. The VA reports only to the SARC.

Unrestricted Reporting: A service member who is sexually assaulted and desires an official investigation of his/her allegation should make an unrestricted report using current channels, e.g. chain-of-command, law enforcement, chaplain or health care providers. They may also report to the SARC or a VA. Victims using the unrestricted reporting process are then provided necessary services.

Restricted Reporting: Allows victims of sexual assault to disclose his/her assault to a specifically identified personnel without triggering an investigative process. To make a restricted report, the victims must notify the SARC. Victims using the restricted reporting process will be provided information for obtaining services from civilian resources; however, the assailant remains unpunished and at large.

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