Two 103rd Security Forces Squadron members aid accident victim

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jessica Roy
  • 103rd Security Forces Squadron, Unit Public Affairs Representative
Staff Sgt. Brian Davies, Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Non-commissioned Officer in Charge assigned to the 103rd Security Forces Squadron, went off base during his lunch break May UTA prior to the Wing Warrior Day event.  Staff Sgt. Steven Young, one of his CATM troops, accompanied him.  Little did they know that on their way they would encounter a horrific car accident on Route 20.  While many people likely drove by and did the standard rubbernecking, Davies did not hesitate to pull over, later telling me, "I thought I could help."  Security forces members get the standard Self Aid and Buddy Care training from the Air Force with Blood Borne Pathogens.  Davies, being a prior corrections officer, tapped into all of his prior experiences to quickly render aid.

Sergeant Young said that it "did not look promising at first glance because the lady was unresponsive and appeared badly injured."  He credits his training with getting him through the severity of the situation, wondering what all he could have done had he not received it.  When emergency responders arrived, Young assisted with the cleanup of debris in the road while Davies aided the paramedics getting the patient out of the car and onto a gurney.

Both NCOs humbly kept quiet about the event when they returned to base.  Security forces leadership found out about what they did from an email from Capt. Charles Johndro, 103rd Medical Group.  The email commended Davies and Young for the excellent first-responder care rendered to the injured woman involved in the car crash, stating, "The actions of SSgt. Davies and Young were excellent (both medical and psychological/comforting care).  Their actions reflect positively on the unit to the community/first responders/bystanders."  Dr. Johndro stopped to assist when he saw the accident scene and noticed that emergency responders had not yet arrived.  He discovered that Davies and Young had already assessed the patient's closed head injury, large laceration to chin and open ankle fracture.  Johndro found that the two were very comforting and reassuring to her and provided great care including wound management and spinal immobilization inside the vehicle in which she was trapped and needed extrication.  When asked why he didn't speak up on what he did, Davies simply said, "I didn't feel what I did was anything above and beyond what anyone else in our unit does every day in their civilian careers."

Lt. Col. Dan Janusz, 103rd Security Forces Squadron commander said, "I am proud of these Defenders and the support they provided following this traffic accident.  Staff Sgt. Davies and Staff Sgt. Young exemplify the true meaning of what it takes to be a Citizen Airman."  He recognized their heroic acts last UTA in front of their peers.