AOG Commemorates First Boots on Ground

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Anna Cichocki
  • 103rd Airlift Wing
The Air Operations Group has come a long way since the wheels of development started rolling in 2006. The unit first came together as one force during the May 2008 UTA. Since this time, this diverse group has flourished and gained many new members with a multitude of backgrounds from all over the nation. Along with gaining new members, the AOG has taken on several new missions that provide our members with the skills and tools needed when deployed to a real-world contingency. 

Maj. Glenn "Tank" Sherman's were the first boots to touch ground from the AOG as he deployed to Southwest Asia. Maj. Sherman is the Senior Air Defense Officer in the Combined Air Operations Center. Using various systems to gather data for Theater Ballistic Missile defense and Air Breathing Threat defense, he coordinates with other services in country to identify who is and who is not friendly in the Area of Responsibility using intelligence data to make decisions and act accordingly. As Maj. Sherman is deployed, he gains the knowledge of how an Air Operations Center functions to its full capacity and will be able to apply this knowledge to the Air operations Group. 

Lt. Col. Peter J. DePatie, commander, 103rd Air Operations Group, shows his pride for the AOG as he comments on Maj. Sherman's deployment, "We are very proud Maj. Sherman stepped up from our group to be the first 103rd AOG member to volunteer and support the CAOC. He exemplifies putting our best foot forward." 

"The type of dedication Maj. Sherman has shown is second to none," said DePatie. "This type of motivation will enable the 103rd AOG to be a vital force wielding the spear for current and future conflicts that occur around the globe." 

From the 103rd Air Operations Group and the 103rd Airlift Wing, we wish Maj. Sherman good luck and safe traveling!