103rd AOG Brings New Capability to Bradley

  • Published
  • By Capt. Bryon Turner
  • 103rd Air and Space Operations Group
The 103rd Air and Space Operations Group continues to make significant progress toward developing command and control capabilities. 

The AOG now boasts the only functional in-house Video Teleconferencing capability within the Connecticut Air National Guard, but it didn't happen without a great deal of hard work all across the base, said Lt. Col. John Warren, commander, 103rd Air Communications Squadron (ACOMS). 

While the AOG's ACOMS unit handles unique technology requirements as they relate to the Combined Air and Space Operations Center weapons system, the unit also depends on support agencies from its host unit, the 103rd Airlift Wing, to tie into the base infrastructure. 

"We're thankful for all the support we received from the 103rd Communications Flight, the base finance office, and the base contracting office," said Warren. 

"Our teamwork has increased capabilities for the AOG and the base and I'm confident that our continued teamwork will bring even bigger plans to fruition." 

The arrival and subsequent installation of the new VTC equipment created a buzz within the AOG. Few seemed as excited as the folks that were personally involved in the installation. 

"This new system is very slick," said Master Sgt. Eric Dunn, network infrastructure craftsman, 103rd Air Communications Squadron. "It's leaps and bounds above the old technology previously used on base and it will enable us to do things the previous system could not," he said. 

The new VTC capability will enable members of the Connecticut Air National Guard to communicate directly with supported units [stateside as well as across the globe], said Senior Master Sgt. Scott Brew, superintendent, 103rd Air Communications Squadron.
The new VTC capability is one of many technical solutions to meet mission requirements that have been in the works within the AOG over the last year. 

"Our folks have been very busy," said Col. Peter DePatie, commander, 103rd AOG. "But this exciting new capability is just the beginning." 

Ongoing initiatives include expanded secure communications, virtual training systems and, eventually, a fully established operations floor with all the support requirements that accompany it.