AOG, Life Support and LRS pitch in to make way for progress

  • Published
  • By Capt. Bryon Turner
  • 103rd Air and Space Operations Group
Members of the 103rd Air and Space Operations Group rapidly cleared out of the unit's future operations floor during the August Unit Training Assembly and are now packed and ready to move out of their work spaces in their administrative building at a moment's notice to make way for renovations on both facilities.

The AOG packed up and moved the bulk of their gear into a rented trailer for short-term storage and worked hand-in-hand with members of the 103rd Logistics Readiness Squadron to clear out rarely seen sections of the shared building that have had unused items in storage for years.

"[The building's] mezzanine was long overdue for a cleaning," said Master Sgt. Mark Maher, hazmat manager, 103rd Logistics Readiness Squadron. "It was good to see our two units come together to get the job done quickly and safely."

The unit continues to operate out of the supply building in what has been coined "semi-tactical" conditions, working with bare-bone duty stations on field desks while they eagerly await the delivery and assembly of trailers that will serve as the unit's temporary home over the next year.

"I'm down to a small folding table, a phone and a computer," said Staff Sgt. Sarah LaTeano, knowledge operations manager, 103rd Air and Space Operations Group.
"Enough to get the job done while remaining ready for our eventual move--we're ready to go."

LaTeano is not alone. Her former co-workers from the 118th Airlift Squadron's Life Support section who previously occupied a portion of the old operations building, are now working alongside the AOG in the supply building while they wait for their own temporary trailers.

"We were thrilled when the AOG invited us to move in with them, and they even offered to help with the heavy lifting," said Chief Master Sgt. Steven Seaha, operations group superintendent. "Conditions at the [the old operations building] were deteriorating so we were happy to take the offer of support and make way for the contractors and their work."

Meanwhile, the demolition work has resumed in the building, sections of the temporary trailers continue to arrive on base and coordination with the local utility company has begun. The completion date on the trailer facilities is uncertain as is the start date of construction on the supply building, but the members of the effected units remain focused on their missions and stand ready to clear the building as needed.