Connecticut Air Guard Dunk Tank fundraiser a huge success

  • Published
  • By Maj. Evan M. Hunt
  • Commander, 103rd Maintenance Squadron
Sometime in December 2011, a committee was put together in support of the Wounded Warrior project. It took strong individuals to think outside the box and come up with this type of idea to donate to charities that a lot of people wouldn't think about. One of these individuals is our own Tech. Sgt. Kevin Carabetta. He came up with an idea to raise money at our UTA Christmas party by having a Dunk Tank and by nominating leadership to go in it for short periods--all in good fun and for a good cause. This fantastic idea involved not only the 103rd Maintenance Group, but other units as well. Members of the Security Police, the Air Operations Group, the Operations Group and Mission Support Group all made their way over to the CRF to witness the dunking of their "favorite" leader. Some of the high-profile Dunk Tank targets over the December UTA included Col. Detorie (103 AW/CC), Col. McDonald (103 MXG/CC), Col. McManaman (103 OG/CC) and Col. Walton (103 MSG/CC). In 2011, the Tank Team raised $1800. This year, they surpassed their goal and raised $2405.

How and why was the dunk tank started?
"Our Christmas party committee in the engine shop thought it would be fun to get a dunk tank and in doing so we could raise money and donate everything to a charity."

What was your motivation with selecting this charity?
"The charity we selected was the Wounded Warrior Project. We decided we wanted to give back and help out our fellow veterans."

What does this charity mean to you personally?
"The charity means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to others in our unit as well. I'm glad there is an organization like the Wounded Warriors that's out there to help our military personnel."

How has this impacted you?
"The impact of this for me is very gratifying. Ask anyone that has helped out with the event and they will probably tell you that it makes them feel good as well as knowing that you are helping out your brothers and sisters and their families that have been affected by any type of casualty they may have endured while serving our country."

Has this made you want to donate to other similar charities?
"Just to know that these types of charities are out there and you know that you are helping out veterans that need it makes any type of donation worth it, and if the opportunity presented itself it wouldn't be a problem."
In my opinion this exemplifies our Core Values. Tech. Sgt. Carabetta has set up a charity (INTEGRITY FIRST) with the help of others, including Staff Sgt. John Righi and Senior Airman Peter Caruso, in support of others (SERVICE BEFORE SELF) and he succeeded with it (EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO). Dunk Tank Team, we applaud you!