Security Forces: Train How You Fight

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jessica Roy
  • 103rd Security Forces Squadron
Every drill brings a new challenge for security forces members. Whether they have to renew their baton training, respond to an active-shooter situa-tion or clear rooms, the cops are always training.

Baton recertification occurs every year and in-volves classroom lecture as well has pretty in-tense hands-on training. Someone puts the red man suit on and attacks, forcing the security forces member to practice what they have been taught. The focus is on maintaining control, space and a reactionary gap as well as making effective strikes in the right areas of the body.

For a simulated active shooter with a fake weapon, the cops tactically assault the area, sweeping every nook and cranny and firing when needed based on the scenario, using a laser target system. This tests each individual's use of force training and judgment.

These training sessions allow security forces members to put the lessons into action and sense how they might react in a real-world situation.