103rd AW units work together during deployment exercise

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jennifer Pierce
  • 103rd Airlift Wing

The Connecticut Air National Guard's 103rd Airlift Wing held a deployment exercise at Bradley Air National Guard Base Jan. 5, 2020. Airmen from the Logistics Readiness Squadron, Force Support Squadron, and Security Forces worked together to ensure the process was efficient and met all requirements.

Staff Sgt. Angela Ospina, 103rd Force Support Squadron Personnel Deployment Function (PDF) NCOIC, was responsible for establishing the PDF line and maintaining personnel accountability.

The PDF line is the first step in the deployment process, said Ospina. We go through everyone’s electronic folder and hand-carried items to make sure they have all required documents and that everything is up to date.

After processing through the PDF line, deploying Airmen were directed to the passenger manifest station where the 103rd Logistics Readiness Squadron’s role came into play.

“Once the Airmen have checked in, they process through the x-ray machine and the walk-through magnetometers; the x-ray machine scans their luggage and the magnetometer scans their person,” said Staff Sgt. Dan Meskell, 103rd Logistics Readiness Squadron Terminal Services NCOIC. “They are then handed off to our baggage build up crew who take the luggage, bring it out to our warehouse, and build it up on a pallet. Then Airmen wait to board the plane.”

This process is just like when you go to the airport and go through TSA, said Meskell.

During this process, Meskell is ensuring that all passengers are properly screened, vetted, and that passengers have proper documentation, are authorized travel, authorized to carry weapons, and manifested correctly.

"This exercise is mainly focused on seeing where we can improve, how we can make this process more efficient," said Maj. Vincenzo Gallo, 103rd Distribution Flight OIC. “From the PDF line to personnel processing, cargo inspection, loading the plane, and ensuring security requirements are maintained, seeing everyone work together assures us that we are right on track.”