103rd participates in Armed Forces Appreciation Day trap match

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  • 103rd Airlift Wing

The Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmen’s Association (NWCSA) hosted its annual Armed Forces Appreciation Day trap match May 12, 2018, in Colebrook, Conn. The event was free for members of the Connecticut Air National Guard and their families. Food, ammunition, shotguns and safety gear were provided for all participants, including an experienced coach for those without prior shooting experience.

The trap match tradition dates back to the 18th century as a way for bird hunters to hone their skill and used live birds as targets. Modern day trap matches, however, utilize 12-gauge shotguns and shooters fire at targets made of clay, commonly referred to as clay pigeons.

The day started off cloudy and overcast with some rain, however, the weather didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone who participated. Participants were able to enjoy each other’s company while spending time with their families. Top 103rd Airlift Wing shooters of the eight matches and 1000 rounds fired are as follows: Capt. James Driscolli with 24 shots out of 25, Master Sgt. Ryan Connoy and John Taylor, both with 18 shots out of 25, Maj. Jefferson and Staff Sgt. Jeremy Reiser, both with 17 shots out of 25, and Master Sgt. David Miller with 15 shots out of 25.

For those who missed out this year and are interested in participating in next year’s match, Master Sgt. David Miller can be contacted at david.d.miller4.mil@mail.mil.