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Director of Psychological Health

My role as DPH is

  • To act as a resource on matters of Psychological health to command
  • Along with the chaplains and the Family program, to be a force for promotion of well-being throughout the wing
  • Promotion of wellness includes helping to combat any stigma around addressing psychological health issues or seeking any type of psychological help that may be needed for any reason at all.
  • To be available for Airmen and families for dealing with all matters related to psychological health and well-being:
  • Sometimes discussing an issue with a neutral party a time or two, making and implementing a plan of action is all that is needed. Sometimes more help is needed or the issue needs more time and attention, so I make sure you find the right source of help.
  • There is always a presumption of confidentiality except in cases where there may be a potential harm to self or others, or to the mission
  • Contact Info: linda.u.mcewen.civ@mail.mil

                         Office: 860-292-2561